Fine Arts Litho = Quality Printing

li•thog•ra•phy 1: the process of printing from a plane surface (as a smooth stone or metal plate) on which the image to be printed is ink: receptive and the blank area – repellant.

Jeff & Kristy White, owners of Fine Arts Litho, are second generation printers. Both born and raised in Kitsap County. In 1995, they started their own business on Bay Street in Port Orchard, Washington. Naming it Fine Arts Litho after Jeff’s families printing company. Over the years expanding the products and services throughout Kitsap County area.

Renewable & Sustainable

Fine Arts Litho produces many different types products. Constantly seeking Earth Conscience manufacturing methods that reduce waste and consumables. Ask us about our line of post consumer waste recycled papers, promotional products made from pre-consumer recycled plastic or natural products.

We are focused on renewable choices, Fine Arts Litho offers no charge recycling services for our customers, business partners and neighbors. Apparel over-runs, unused garmet and promotional product samples are donated to local charities.

Many customers have asked us to give their no longer used awards a new life. At Fine Arts Litho’s office they maintain an inventory of yesterday’s trophies for today’s use. If you are in the market for a retro trophy stop by our show room.

Today Fine Arts Litho offers a wide range of products. Please check our online catalogs, stop by our retail location or schedule an appointment at your office. Let us share how we can be of service to you.